Puppy Love


Daisy, 2 months old

I meant to write this when Daisy turned 6 months old, but because our summer was crazy busy (pictures are getting edited slowly…) I didn’t have time. So here is a post about our 7 month old Boxer puppy, Daisy!

She was born March 19, 2016
She joined our furever family May 19, 2016


Daisy, 2 months old. So tiny!

Commands she knows:
Lay down
Leave it
Drop it
Walk on/Come on
Up (for hugs or jumping onto the couch)
Go to daddy (because let’s face it, dad’s her favorite)
She is also bell trained to ask to go outside.

Commands she’s practicing:
Come here
On your bed
Off (for jumping)


Daisy, 2 months old. I love the pile of wrinkles.

She has her own place on the couch although she is currently cuddled in my lap.
She loves daddy, and gives him hugs and kisses frequently.
We take her for a walk every night (around 1 hr).
She eats 3-4 cups of food every day (except right now we’re having a tummy crisis, so she’s on chicken and rice for now).
We usually add a table spoon of coconut oil to her food once a day for good digestion and soft fur.
She loves getting to visit her fur-parents in Idaho Falls every once in a while.
She loves to play fetch with a tennis ball and bite and bat at yarn on a yard stick (like a cat).
She also loves to chew and eat sticks and grass in the backyard. We’re working on that…
Update: She’s allergic to pumpkin puree.

Her nicknames are many. Daisy doo, baby dog, puppy dog, sweet puppy dog, little nub, Daisy girl, crazy Daisy.


Daisy, 7 months old

Her health issues have also been many, unfortunately.


Daisy’s swollen face

Just 2 weeks after we got her, she had a reaction to something in the backyard and had extreme swelling on one side of her face under her ear. Being a new fur-mom, I was freaking out. I called the on-call vet at least 3 times that night, stayed up all night with her, and took a lot of pictures as the swelling moved to the back of her neck and then under her other ear. When we finally got her to the vet on Monday morning, the swelling had almost completely gone. She’s gotten swelling 2 more times, but just a little bit of children’s Benadryl clears it up quickly.

The other health problem we’re having currently is with her digestive system. Since she chews on and eats the bark off of sticks from a large stick pile in our backyard, she was being picky with her real, healthy food. When she vomited a pile of half digested sticks about a month ago, that meant she gets confined to a certain area of the backyard so she can’t reach the stick pile. It’s been going great and we do let her in the whole backyard sometimes. Until yesterday. She was a happy, morning puppy. Ate her breakfast as usual, and then vomited it all over dad’s pillow for sitting on the ground. Washable, thank goodness, but that meant chicken and rice diet for the puppy! Yesterday and today she was fine, acting like her normal self. She was even sad she didn’t get to go for a walk yesterday. Then today, about half way through her walk, she looked sick and her legs started shaking. She threw up some chicken and rice from today. I ran home to get the car and we had our friends come over with canned pumpkin and a few suggestions. She drank water, I washed her face off, and she’s happily sleeping like nothing was ever wrong. It’s been a long weekend. I’m really hoping she will get better, but a trip to the vet is in our near future if she doesn’t. 😦
The vet took an x-ray of her and found gas in her stomach, fecal matter in her large intestine, and some white dots where her colon starts that could be causing a blockage. We’re giving her a laxative(made for cats to break of hair balls) and antibiotic for 5 days to see if we can get her better.
Update: The round of medication worked and she’s back to normal and officially off of chicken and rice tomorrow!


Daisy in Canada

Daisy just has the cutest personality. She’s loving, stubborn, a bit of a diva, but she still loves to wrestle, dig in the dirt, and look so cute with her sad puppy eyes and her droopy lips. She makes us laugh at least once a day with her antics, and we love her to bits!

Here’s more photos because I can’t help it.






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