Nettie’s Place Yarn (and Crafts)

“Each stitch handmade with love.”

Literally though, I knit and crochet all the time. Because I have Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD), I often have a difficult time focusing on things – class lectures, movies, people talking to me, reading, etc. I’ve found that I’m a kinestetic learner and I need to be moving in order to fully pay attention to what I’m doing. So instead of doing jumping jacks while watching a movie or paying attention to a person talking to me(when it’s not something I can do hands on like an anatomy class), I’ve found that I can knit and crochet to keep my hands busy so my mind can focus. So it’s really my alternative form of therapy.

It’s great therapy too. I love learning new stitches and patterns and getting to know other yarn crafters in my area (for which I run Rexburg Knits so Rexburg locals can collaborate together!). It’s been a fun hobby and great therapy for me for many years, and now I’ve started to make a small business of it.

My wonderful friend Sarah at Sarah Crochets was going to sell her crafts and Maëlle Beauty at a craft fair a few weeks ago, and 2 weeks before the fair she asked me if I wanted to join her and sell some of my yarn creations. With only 2 weeks to prepare, I probably should’ve said no. But I’ve wanted to start selling my work and just never found a time to start with having a good job to keep me busy. So I said yes. And it was a stressful 2 weeks trying to figure out how to display our works, price our works, and of course, making enough product to sell!


Our first booth!

We know it doesn’t look great. It was our first time ever participating in a craft fair, so we deserve a break.

Things we learned on that first day:

  • Our prices were way too high when compared to other similar vendors
  • Our booth needed a more polished look – less cluttered and a better range of heights
  • We needed more product on hand
  • We were too well dressed

I know, some of those things are weird. Too well dressed? How can anyone be too well dressed?! But it’s true! When I had a chance to look at the rest of the fair, I didn’t see a single vendor wearing a skirt or a suit. Leggings and jeans seemed to be a typical style.


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I had a lot of customers seem interested in my adorable newborn hats, and my baby blankets, but by the time we realized out prices were too high, the rush was over. So we may have missed out on some good sales, but we learned some very valuable lessons and had a lot of fun talking to our neighbours and customers.



The only newborn hat I had on hand


Baby blankets and wizard scarves


Sarah’s gorgeous animals and pokeballs


I was able to sell one of these. What would you buy this hat for?


Sarah’s flower hair clips and Unicorn puppet game were adorable!


I actually sold one of these too. It was a bit of an after thought in order to have something a little Christmas-y for the fair.


Sarah with her awesome makeup. Note the hideous gym floor covering. I wished we had a rug.




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