Christmas Crafts


Happy, happy, joy, joy! It’s Christmas time!

Okay, maybe that’s too much excitement. I’m really just so stressed from moving , working, and trying to get craft orders completed before Christmas that I might be a little insane right now.

We found these beautiful 3 pane windows in our garage earlier this year while organizing the stuff out there, along with a few other old windows(one of which had a terrible accident), an old mirror, 2 vintage kitchen cupboard sets, a vintage ironing press, and the droppings from visiting mice. With some TLC and a lot of cleaning supplies, I’ve been able to bring these back to life. I love upcyling rather than making from scratch. Especially when the items have sentimental value, like these windows that came off of our house when a previous owner replaced them for newer windows.

I created this wall hanging in June from a window from the garage (which I still have to redo because it fell and the original glass shattered…).


I’ve learned better ways to securely hang heavy items to the wall, so I will not make the same mistake again.


I’m so in love with these I’m secretly hoping one doesn’t sell so I can keep it. But Bob doesn’t want me to keep one because I already have too much stuff as it is. Trying to purge while packing takes forever…


This bare wood frame still has the original window latch on it! You can also see below that I used a brown covered wire to create this wreath from a garland I got at Porters for 50% off. I actually found the little wire at the thrift store, so I’ll update this if I can find the name for it.


I attached the wreath with a small ribbon that I hot glued to the back on the window frame.


And the black letters are card stock cut out with the largest die cuts Porters has, and taped on! (In case someone wants to change it out)



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